Be nice to America, Or we'll bring democracy to your country.
He puts the 'me' in 'mercenery'.
Three mags and my swinging cod.
The rich are just as depraved as the poor.
Two million years of human evolution and this is the best you could come up with?
Is Tyler my bad dream? Or am I Tyler's?
My days of taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle.
It's a headless blunder operating under the illusion of a master plan.
His potential is not a vase to be filled, but rather a fire to be lit.
We know what it means. It dosn't mean this.
Because I'm a badass. And badasses do what they want.
Sometimes "good for everything" is good for nothing.
In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty
Pi is exactly three.
Aww, nuts.
We'll free the shit out of you.
He forages for wolves at night.
All they want is a clear conscience and a fat paycheck.
You are getting sleepy.
We'll tell you anything you want to hear, we lie like hell.
I am an idiot. And I apporve this message.